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In The Pride Lands: Sometime had passed since Zira's reign of terror has ended.  The Outlander Pride has been accepted back into the Pride Lands with open arms. The Great King's Daughter, Kiara, has become mates with the former rouge, Kovu. With three beautiful cubs; Koda, Ash a ,and Leah... 


Koda, the middle child. He had his mother's rebellious spirit, and was a bit head-strong.


Asha was the eldest of the litter, and was probably the most level-headed cub Pride Rock has ever seen in a long time.



Leah was the youngest. She was born crippled. Her left back leg couldn't straighten out, so she limped when ever she walked the, and couldn't run very well. Kovu and Kiara tended to keep her close to home, they feared that she could get in serious trouble...

Chapter One!

It was the beginning of The Rainy Season...  [Laughter]   " I'll beat you to the watering hole! " ,Koda would say to Asha, as he ran with her outside of Pride Rock.  " You wish! " ,Asha yelled to Koda. ​​​​​Bot'h cubs would race outside of Pride Rock, they'd get stopped by their mother, Kiara.  " Hey, where do you think you're going, little ones? " ,Kiara would call out to her cubs, with a smile on her face.  " We're just off to the watering hole, mom! " ,Asha would  say with a smile​​​​​​.  " Alright, just be careful, 'kay? " ,Kiara said to them.  " Oh c'mon! We're ALWAAAAYS careful, mom! "  ,Koda would say to his mother.  Both cubs would run off. Kiara would think, '" Uh huh...- "'. " I WANNA GO TOO!! WAIT FOR ME, GUYS!!!! "  ​​​​​​, someone yelled from behind Kiara.  It was Leah! The small cub would run out of the cave. " [PANTING] W-... Wait for meee!!- !! " ,Leah yelled " *Trip*  YAAAAAAAAAAHH! (WHAM!) OOF!! "  ,Leah would trip and hit the ground. " Leah? Are you okay? " ,Kiara asked Leah. " That was quite a fall... " ,Kiara said. "  Yeah, I'm fine, mom... " ,Leah said. "  It's not like I tripped over that rock before... " ,Leah would stare at the rock as she said that. " You know that leg of yours-... "  ,Leah would interrupt Kiara.  " I know! I know... My stupid leg... " ,​​Leah said. "  Now Leah, I know you're frustrated with it, but you'll get a hang of it... "  ,Kiara said.

" I doubt it, I'm so lame! I can't even run two feet without tripping over something, or someone! I don't even know why I bother leaving the cave...  " ,Leah said.   ( Author's note: Aww, don't say that about yourself, Leah :c )  

Kiara and Leah



Chapter Two! :D

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