"Mungu Wangu "
—- Leah's Catchphrase

Leah is the daughter of Sage and Adam, the younger sibling of Luke and granddaughter of Arianna. She is also the second (and only female) leader of the Lion Guard.


Leah has crème-beige fur, a white underbelly and paws, with an orange tuft of fur on her tail. She also has bright green eyes, resembling her grandmother greatly.


Leah has many aspects of her personality but the major ones are her kindness, reckless, curiosity, intelligence, sneakiness, bravery and loyalty.

Like Kion, she too has a care-free, nature that was formed by the phrase "Hakuna Matata" Of course, this nature, as well as her great curiosity, often leads her into trouble. Thanks to that, she became a quick-thinker and very intelligent as well as very sneaky.

However, before coming Lion Guard Leader, the lioness didn't have much care about rules. She did as she pleased and if she got in trouble, she often got herself out of it. There were rare moments where her guilty conscious would take over, making the cub play by the rules she hated to go by.

She is, without a doubt, extremely loyal to her loved ones. Anyone who messes with her family will be down in two shakes of a lion's mane.

She is also a cub who follows her heart, allowing nobody but herself to determine her own destiny.


Leah appears in fanfics; Lion Guard: Return of the Roar ||Leah's Story|| and Lion Guard Adventures: Defenders of the Prideland both written by on Quotev.

Voice Actress

The author decided that Leah would be voiced by Kaitlyn Maher.