The lion guard One day Dicides to Go to the Captain Jake universe To Patrol and meet Captain Jake Zira Overhears This and tells her Pride That they Should Go and Team Up with The Grim Buccaner, Undergear,Shiverjack,Lord Fathom,and,Captain Hook.When They go there Captain Jake Greets the Lion Guard.Zira Goes and Meets Her Group and Everybody Likes Her Exept Undergear.Undergear Thinks She is too Fierce and that her Pride and her will break his inventions and has an insane fear of her and her pride.So the 5 Villans,Zira,And her Pride Team up and have a plan To rid Captain Jake so they will have all the tresure they want.Peter Pan overhears this and tells Captain jake and friends to beware the villains.When they arrive Captain Jake's Crew and the Lion Guard Prepare to fight.The 5 Villans unleash there secret Weapon Zira,Kovu,Nuka,And Vitani.Captain Jake Revels That he has been Reading all the Stories about her and Wishes he Fought Zira And Makes His wish come True.Just then Dread the Evil Genie Comes And he revels that he Read all the Stories of Zira and that that he is her Number 1 Fan and He Makes Zira even More Fierce and bigger However,The Lion guard Was launching an attack at the time and they miss much to Zira becoming more bigger and fierce.They then try to launch an attack But it misses Then Peter Pan comes and Joins the battle.Then the group of super heros attack But they all miss.Peter then takes out his sword and fights but it misses. Meanwhile dread joins the battle.Then Captain jake uses his Mighty Captains Sword and Uses it powers And finally Defeats Zira,Kovu,Nuka and Vitani.and sends them back to The Lion Guard universe Little Did Zira and her pride kno tha Captain Jake Sent them back hanging on a cliff and it rumbles and Zira And her Pride fall into the river (Same as Zira's Fall in The lion king 2:Simba's Pride).To be Cont....Later

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