Hevi kabisa!
―Kion's catchphrase

Kion is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara. He is the second-born cub of the royal family, the Prince of the Pride Lands.

He is one of the animals that guards the entrance to Leopon Plains and one of Mhina's top Royal Guards.

He is the leader of the Lion Guard, the King of Leopon Plains, and the mate of Mhina.



As a little cub, Kion's appearance almost looked the same to what he is now except his nose is pink, had three small spots on his hind end and has a tan-yellow coat. 

Older Cub/Early Teen

Kion is very similar to his father in many aspects. He has a light golden pelt and paler golden paws, underbelly, and muzzle, with scruffier fur on his upper cheeks and the base of his chest. He has a bright red head tuft, and a bushy tail tip that is the same color as his mane. He also has a scar on his left eye, like that of his great-uncle and Brother in Law. However, Scar and Kovu both have one slightly curved line running down their eye, while Kion’s scar has two small lines above his eye, and one below. His eyes are orange-brown, with dark, thick eyebrows located above them. He possesses a sepia brown nose and dark brown whiskers, with brown rims along the side of his light red-brown inner ears and black rims along the top. At the base of each of his legs, Kion has numerous spots in a darker shade than his main fur color. Kion's paw pads are a dull pinkish-brown, and his claws are a silvery-white.

Teenager/Young Adult

Battle-for the-Pride Lands (653)

Scarred Kion.

As a teenager, Kion has grown taller. His mane has grown slightly larger and most of the spots on his legs have faded. He also has a scar on his left eye, like that of his granduncle Scar, and brother-in-law, Kovu. However, Scar and Kovu both have one slightly curved line running down their eye, while Kion’s scar has two small lines above his eye, and one below.


Kion is a fierce lion, who has a great sense of responsibility. Kion is very observant and skilled at piecing together information. He has faith in his friends and is sensitive to their feelings, disliking seeing them hurt. His courage is undeniable, as he will face any adversary for the good of the Pride Lands, its inhabitants, or his friends. Kion is a true leader, authoritative and willing to give orders to anyone, whether they are his friends, his family, or his enemies.

As a result of his injury, Kion begins to undergo a rapid personality change. He becomes more anxious, less confident in decision-making and prone to violently lashing out, which also causes him to frequently doubt himself as a leader and get very impatient about things. He often has to stop and paw desperately at his scar, when it starts hurting. This has forced him to give his command of the Lion Guard to Fuli at multiple times, her becoming the second in command.

Through the encouragement and support of his friends, Kion finally realizes that neither his scar nor the Roar makes him who he is; as a result, he regains his confidence as a leader, even at the expense of the Roar.


In Tales of Mhina

Meeting Mhina the Leopon


Mhina and the Tigons


The Seeing Eye Leopon

Kion interrupts the conversation between Mhina and Azaad, revealing to Mhina that Ajani wants to speak to him. He then escorts the leopon to his father.

Once arriving at the place Ajani is located, Kion is allowed to leave.

Later, Kion and Ajani hear Mhina scream from the Kgosi Pride den. Figuring his son is in trouble, Ajani tells him to round up the Lion Guard.

Right as Jiona silences Mhina, Ajani warns him not to do that anymore. Makucha's Army finds the Lion Guard next to Mhina's father.

Back at Msafiri Forest, Kion cheers Mhina's name as he becomes Nguruma's seeing eye.


  • Simba: Father
  • Nala: Mother
  • Kiara: Sister
  • Mufasa: Paternal Grandfather †
  • Sarabi: Paternal Grandmother
  • Sarafina: Maternal Grandmother
  • Hasani: Maternal Grandfather 
  • Scar: Paternal Granduncle †
  • Askari: Paternal Distant relative †
  • Kovu: Brother-in-Law
  • Vitani: Sister-in-law
  • Mhina: Mate


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