Kenobi profile 2008


Kenobi is an over-confident, fiesty cub found in Nala15's fan-fiction Lord of the Plain.

He is the illegitamate son of Naomi and the prince Scar. Naomi has never told Kenobi who his father was, but that didn't stop Kenobi from inheriting Scar's royal air and mean streak.

Kenobi is the same sunset color as Naomi, but has Scar's light underbelly and black nose. Kenobi also inherited Scar's thick black mane, that is growing in as a large hair tuft. He wears the excess of it in a thick braid behind his right ear. Like Scar and his mother, Kenobi's front claws are always visible.

Lord of the Plain

Kenobi always ruled the roost among the male cubs in Antonio's pride. He always led the games, got to eat first because of his size, and never held back on his opinions. No one argued with him and for good reason; Kenobi could slip out of an argument like a snake slips through a hole. Instead of yelling like the other cubs did when they got into a squabble, Kenobi would casually state his reasons for his actions on a bais that the opposing cub had to agree with. Used to getting his way, Kenobi never failed to get what he wanted.

Kenobi's "reign" was threated, however, when Manzi brought in a stray. Kenobi was always wary of newcomers; so his reaction to Garoe being accepted into the pride put him on edge. Right away, he showed the new cub who the boss was; as he was worried about losing his place as top cub.