Kenai (bear)
Vijana's Herd
The Lion Guard: New Beginning
Close Relations
Nita- wife
Kenai is a male bear who is Nita's husband and is Elena's best friend.


Kenai has a light brown fur on almost the whole body with lighter fur on its face and darker on four legs and the way of darker wrinkles reminisces of those that have on their paws some children of Kion and Jasiri


Kenai is shown to be wise, kind and caring. He cares a lot for Elena and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.


Originally, Kenai was human. But after murdering another bear to avenge his late brother, he was turned into a bear himself. Kenai realized that he had to turn back to his normal form, but after meeting a cute and sweet cub named Koda, the two bonded and Kenai then didn't want to become human again. Nita then came along and they married and he's been a bear ever since.


"I repeat to others that need to live somehow, some people can, but not us"

Kenai in The Lion Guard: Endgame and in second half of second season

"We lost.  everybody.., we lost our friends, families ,certain part of ourselves."

Kenai in The Lion Guard : Endgame and in second half of the second season of The Lion Guard : New Begininng

"Elena: We can make it work for Kenai.

Kenai : It has to work, because if it doesn't, I don't know what I'm gonna do."


"Elena: 6 stones ,3 branches, one chance.  3 years ago....

Kenai: We lost.  everybody.  we lost friends, family, some part of ourselves. 

Elena: Today we have a chance to regain everything.  You know the task, you know the rate.  Find the stones.  Reclaim them.  One jump back and forth.  No mistakes, no replays.  Most go to familiar places, which does not mean that we know what to expect.  Be careful.  Protect each other.  Today we are fighting for everything.  and we will win  At all costs."


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