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Sable antelope
Palahala Herd
Close Relations
Tim'ka(mate) Inayotaka(daughter)
A Friendly Lion

Kahawia is a female sable antelope and a member of the Palahala Herd.


Kahawia is a striking sable antelope indeed, with smooth, shining dark brown fur and excellent posture. She is very tall and well-muscled, though not as broad as Tim'ka. Her short brown coat turns white on her face and underbelly, while the backs of her ears are a soft orange shade. Traces of this same orange hue are present near the joints of her legs, as well as around her nose. Her mane is long and thick, brown as the base and black as the top. She also bears the typical black facial stripe that all sable antelope have. Her pale gray horns are slender, with prominent rings, and she has dark blue eyes. Her tail is short, but long-furred.


Though a conscientious animal, Kahawia is also very possessive of the herd's territory and does not like to see others trespassing on it. She cares greatly for her fellows in the herd, and will fight off any predator who bothers them. She is outspoken and can be rude, but never to Tim'ka or any of her friends. She is very bold about introducing herself to others. She is fairly ungenerous and does not like sharing her food. However, she treats calves more kindly than any other member of the herd, and is very loyal.


Early Life

Kahawia left her old herd to join Tim'ka's when she was a young adult. It proved to be the right decision, since the old herd eventually died out. Tim'ka willingly took her in, and the pair eventually fell in love. She mothered his daughter, who is currently a calf.