Age Supposibly 12, turns 25 later on.
Family Scar (adoptive father)
Friends Ginna (love interest), Kuda, Mina, Rono
Enemies Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumba, Shenzi, Banzai, Ed
Appearances The Lion King: Son of Scar

Jonan was an orphaned lion cub who had wondered the Pride Lands for 4 days since his parents were killed in a rock slide. Jonan was later found by Scar after passing out from exhaustion. Scar took in Jonan and raised him like a son. When Scar became king, Jonan devoted his loyalty to his "father". He made sure that the lionesses hunted and watched over the hyenas. After Scar was killed, Jonan along with Zira, Kopa, Natali, the unborn Kovu, Kuda, Mina, Rono, and Ginna were sent to the Outlands by Simba. Jonan mourned for Scar for a year, and then plotted his revenge. Jonan drove the hyenas away and killed 13 of them. Jonan then planned to murder Simba and his family by killing them in their sleep. Jonan injured Simba was defeated by some lionesses, and ran back to the Outlands. Jonan's girlfriend, Ginna, tried to comfort him, but Jonan wanted to be alone because he felt like he had failed Scar. Jonan spent the rest of his life trying to avenge Scar until he died of old age in his sleep.