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Moyo Hodari Pride
Hadithi Ya Hodari
Close Relations
Nurisha(mother) Kimbilia(father) Ajali(uncle) Lubaya(aunt) Ghubari(brother) Taala(brother) Shibli(cousin)
A Friendly Lion

Jinsi is a male lion cub and a member of the Moyo Hodari Pride.


Lean and angular, Jinsi is handsome in an unusual way. Physically, he has a toned, athletic build. He is very agile and supple, with a noticeable jump to his steps. His features are sharp and chiseled, his cheekbones high, his muzzle defined and vaguely diamond-shaped, and his ears steeply tapered. Despite the sharpness of his other traits, his paws are fairly round. He did not inherit the notable height of his parents, being just above average in that respect. His narrow brown eyebrows are sheerly arched and very smooth, usually raised in a friendly manner. His whiskers are long and tapering, deep red in color, and he has a dark red nose with a distinctively deep cleft in the center. He has long, sharp claws that are light cream, lacking any chips or blunted ends. He possesses remarkably strong jaws and pointed white teeth, the canine teeth being especially long and the carnassial teeth set close together. His coat is thick and long, a ginger-red color that is just barely lighter than that of his father, Kimbilia. It is very glossy, a sign in favor of his health. His muzzle, paws, and underbelly are all a light orange color that bears a very slight golden tint. Atop his head, he sports a well-groomed tuft of dark russet fur that will one day grow into a mane. His perfectly round, glinting eyes are melichrous, each one a bright amber-gold hue like a drop of fresh honey. He has a long, thin tail that tapers sharply, ending in a thick, smooth tuft the same color as his mane.


Jinsi is a nosy and curious cub with an endless supply of energy. He likes to poke around and investigate situations, never wanting to be the one who does not know a secret. He has a lot of spunk and gets bored easily, quickly moving from one thing to another. This often comes as a surprise to those who do not know him well; he'll spend hours trying to find out a single piece of information or catch a particular butterfly, then lose all interest in it immediately after he succeeds. He enjoys tussling playfully, and will often wrestle with Shibli and Ogelea. Though he usually leaves his brothers be when they aren't in the mood, from time to time he'll attempt to provoke them into a fight until Nurisha puts a stop to his bad behavior. When it comes to his food, he is quite finicky and will settle for nothing but fresh meat.