Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Her herd
The Lion Guard: Endgame

The Lion Guard: War Without Borders

The Lion Guard: New Beginning

The Lion Guard: Battle for Earth

The Lion King: Jurassic Park

The Lion King: The Lost World Jurassic Park

The Lion Guard: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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Close Relations
Phineas - her husband her children

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is a adult female tyrannosaur living on Pridelands, as well as a leader of a Group tyrannosaurus pack and one of the largest dinosaurs on Pridelands.



Isabella is cheerful, fearless, quick-thinking, sweet, optimistic, caring, very helpful, and easy to get along with friends. Isabella also feels somewhat protective of her pride as if someone smaller insults or manages to hit him, she sets her sights on that target and will try to kill them.

Isabella retains much her of personality as an adult, but has become less agressive and more firendly towards strangers.


Ginger Hirano and Stacy Hirano

Isabella has a good relationship with Ginger and Stacy.


Isabella has a good relationship with Aladar.

Jenny Brown and Liliput

Isabella has a good relationship with Jenny and Liliput.

Phineas Flynn

Isabella has a very loving relationship with Phineas.

Other Pride Landers

Isabella has a good relationship with the Pride Landers.


The Lion Guard: New Beginning 

 Season 1

Trouble with Spinosaurus 

Season 2

A chance for Isabella

Hyena and dinosaur

Legends of the Lion Guard: The Dark Prophecy

The Lion Guard: Battle for Earth


Isabella is afraid that among the tyrannosaur family there may be one who will be better than her even if she is smaller than her


Isabella and her herd were chased out of their home by an unknown force, so they chose to stay in the Pride Lands. There, they felt safe and that there was no need to fear. This past incident could be the result of Isabella's protectiveness toward her herd. Isabella was turned into a T-rex as a result of her following a strange sound which led her to a scientist that could turn anyone into anything, so she ended up as a dinosaur.


no one knows , what future awaits us. Our journey has not ended yet, but we hope that despite everything,will survive though the memory of us

the beginning can be great or small, but sometimes from small things start great changes

Voice Actress

Kari Wahlgren


she is an honorary member of the Lion Guard of Mohatu.

quoties of Isabella is from movie Disney's Dinosaur.

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