Heroic Pegasus
Heroic Pegasus
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"i am Heroic Pegasus" by Brietta
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Heroic Pegasus is the eleventh episode of The Lion Guard: New Beginning


Brietta helps the Mohatu's Lion Guard save Balto and his family and Kenai (son of Kiara and Kovu) when they are attacked in Urembo Meadows by Kiburi and his herd


(the episode begins with Brietta and Marigold who go to Mbali fields to meet with Brietta's best friend, a winged unicorn mare named Zosia)

Marigold (New Beginning): so you and Zosia are friends?

Brietta: the best in the world, we've had many adventures together and we've saved the world many times

Marigold: really?

Brietta: yes and let me sing about it

sometimes the world was doomed

but he has a bravely persistent team

We challenge various

and we will always help everyone

I am a horse with two wings

and I was always helpful

when somebody needs me

I will always save him

I'm a heroic Pegasus

and help every time

I'm a heroic Pegasus

and every evil has no chance with me

there was a crazy robot who wanted to destroy the world

and there was a crazy lion who with hyenas was your brother

when the terrified world continues

two wings will help him


I'm a heroic Pegasus

I'm an amazing horse

and if I have hooves I always give a good hand to someone in need

I'm a heroic Pegasus, trust me

Marigold: it was Poa!

Brietta: thanks

Marigold: what was your way to skuces?

Brietta: I know someone who will tell you about it

(Brietta and Marigold pass the edge of the Shining City in the African sun, Queen Jaquins, Elena sunbathe)

Elena: Hi Bietta, what is my favorite Pegasus doing here?

Brietta: hello Elena, me and Marigold are going to visit Zosia and her herd in the fields of Mbala, and Marigold would like to know what was the reason for our team's successes when we saved the world

Elena: you mean the Avengers?

Brietta: that's right

Elena (strokes Marigold on the head with his own front right paw): well Marigold, we did the same thing as the Lion Guard and every good team, that is, we cooperated because no matter whether in sport or on the battlefield, to be successful, the team must work together

Marigold: I like it

Elena: who knows, maybe you'll someday join the Lion Guard just like your cousin Shauri or your mother

Brietta: now we have to find Zosia

Zosia: was someone calling me?

Brietta: hello Zosia

Zosia: in this my best female friend

Brietta: Do you know Balto?

Zosia: this wolfdog? of course, he helped us to defeat the Scar in the ruins of the Avengers base near Pride Rock

Brietta: forgive me for forgetting, it's been 11 years

Zosia: apparently she is showing her son Kovu and Kiara, or Kenai, around Urembo Meadows

Kenai (bear): guess who's name is

Ahadi (son of Kion and Jasiri): we know that Aunt Kiara gave him your name because you are a friend of her Aunt Elena

Askari (son of Kion and Jasiri): by the way, I think I see our older sister Mohatu and her Lion Guard

(the Lion Guards of Mohatu arrives)

Simba Junior: hi sister, how are you?

Mohatu: it's all right, daddy mother told us that "The Lion Guard check if the herds from Mbai fields are doing well"

Hamu (sees Miranda Junior and rushes happily towards her): hey, Miranda!

Miranda Junior: Hamu! how happy I am to see you!

Onchao: what's the matter?

Miranda Junior: hello Onchao, this is my best friend, Hamu of the Lion Guard

Zosia: a really lovely couple of you

Hamu and Miranda Junior (blushing): what, we?

Miranda Junior: mom, what do you mean?

Zosia: you remind me and your dad when we were your age and we were foals

Skye: you can see that you feel something

Miranda Junior: Mom, Dad, don't do this to a friend

Zosia: good, my beloved daughter

(Zosia turns to Brietta)

Zosia: King Kion and Queen Jasiri want to see you

Brietta (to the Lion Guard of Mohatu): can you wait for me here? I'll be back

Mtoto: of course it is

(later on Pride Rock)

Kion: we called you here because we want to ask you something

Brietta: what is Your Majesty about?

Jasiri: because of your experience on the battlefield and the number of times you have helped us and our kingdom, we want you to accompany our daughter's Lion Guards today during a patrol and help them in case something happens

Brietta: it can be done

(later when Brietta arrives at Mbali fields)

Brietta: what did I miss?

Haraka: Miranda Junior and Hamu hear facts about dinosaurs from Stacy Hirano

Ona: I listen to her too

Stacy Hirano: ... and so thanks to paleontologists' discoveries it turned out that feathers are feature common to dinosaurs because it turned out that some herbivorous dinosaurs could also have feathers

Hamu: then why do you need herbivorous dinosaur feathers since you are not ancestors of birds like theropods

Stacy: this is probably how we protect ourselves from the cold

Skylar: so Elena was right, life found a way


(They see the feathered brontosaurus)

Elena: you can see it now, life cannot be stopped, life will free itself, life will always find a way

Brietta: they are really beautiful animals

(suddenly a scream is heard)

Mohatu: Ona, what was that?

Ona: I'm looking (uses her sharp eyes) Hapana! it's Kiburi and his flock! they attack Balto and his daughter! your cousin Kenai is with them too!

Mohatu: we must save them!

Nita (she-bear): wait, Brietta, what did your Mohatu's parents tell you?

Brietta: That I should help the Lion Guard in an emergency

Mohatu: in that case, you can help us

Brietta: thank you, can I say your motto?

Mohatu: you're welcome

Brietta: The Lion Guard serves and protects ...

Mohatu's Lion Guard: to the end of the Pridelands!

Kiburi: nothing will help you this time,

Balto: I wouldn't be so sure (he attacks Kiburi but Kiburi hurts Balto in the paw)

Szarka: Dad!

Balto: all out of the ordinary, do you know if someone rushes to our rescue?

Szarka: you know that I can see the future

Balto: what did you see, daughter?

Szarka: it was Mohatu and her Lion Guard

Tamka: but you didn't say that the Lion Guard would bring a Pegasus with him

Nduli (kicked by Brietta): it hurt

Tamka: what are we doing Kiburi?

Kiburi: we won't give up without a fight (he fights with Mohatu and Haraka)

Brietta: oh no! Mohatu!

Mohatu: will anyone help me?

Brietta (Kiburi kicked her hooves) leave the heir to the Pridelands throne alone!

Kiburi: Princess Mohatu, is not over yet!

Mohatu: and it's over! ( she uses the Roar of the Grandfathers and gets rid of Kiburi and his flock of crocodiles)

Balto: Lion Guard, thank you for your help

Kenai (lion): you are the best cousin in the world!

Mohat: you shouldn't thank me, Brietta has helped you

Szarka: thank you, you are a heroine

Brietta: I just did what had to be done to help someone in need

(Askari the leader of the first Lion Guard comes to them on his paws)

Askari (first leader): congratulations on your success

Mohatu: Askari, what are you doing here?

Askari (first leader): I came to congratulate you on the perfect teamwork, just like me and my Lion Guard once

Elena was right. The key to team success is collaboration


Mohatu: thank you, hear it from the leader of the first Lion Guard is an honor





Mariglod (New Beginning)







Ahadi (son of Kion and Jasiri)

Simba Junior

Askari (son of Kion and Jasiri)

Askari (first leader of The Lion Guard as a Living Lion)



Kenai (bear)

Nita (bear )

Kenai (son of Kovu and Kiara)

Miranda Junior




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