Ginna was born in the Pridelands. She was best friends with Vitani, Zira's daughter, and the love interest of Jonan, the adoptive son of Scar. Ginna was one of the ones who was loyal to Scar. After Scar's death, she and all of Scar's followers were sent the Outlands by Simba. Years later, Ginna tried to help Jonan avenge Scar's death, but she was only able to injure Nala and Timon before being chased off by other lions. Ginna grew concerned about Jonan's grief over Scar's death, and tried to comfort him, but failed. She eventually became Jonan's wife and had two children by him, Tilla and Idaho.

Age Supposibly 12, 25 later on

Toto (father)

Lola (mother)

Durra (brother)

Jonan (husband)

Tilla (daughter)

Idaho (son)

Friends Jonan (love interest), Kudu, Mina, Vitani
Enemies Simba, Nala, Shanzi, Banzi, Ed, Timon, Pumbaa
Appearances The Lion King: Son of Scar