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Moyo Hodari Pride
Hadithi Ya Hodari
Close Relations
Nurisha(mother) Kimbilia(father) Jinsi(brother) Taala(brother)
A Friendly Lion

Ghubari is a male lion cub and a member of the Moyo Hodari Pride.


Ghubari is the largest of his litter. He is built to fight- very robust and strong, every area of his body filled out with muscle. He stands tall and sinewy, with a hard chest, large paws, small ears, and powerful legs. His shoulders are broad and round. His coat is a pale, dusty gray-eburnean, with a light brown tint. It is dense and smooth, though without the gloss present on that of his brothers'. The fur on his underbelly, paws, and muzzle is a softer hue, closer to white. His eyes are the color of baobab fruits, a light spring green. Above his slightly bushy brown eyebrows, he sports a faint pattern of four speckles. He has a small brown nose and curved pearly white claws. A small, ragged wisp of a mane is located atop his head, a couple shades darker than his predominant coat color. His tail is skinny from base to tip, tapering very little. At its end, a scruffy tuft of fur is present, the same color as his mane. Also this hue is the longer fur each of edging his forelegs, right at the joint.


Though he puts on a tough and blustering front, Ghubari is not a challenger but a defender. Often judged to be ferocious and harsh as a result of his physique, he often has to prove that he really does not care for hurting others. He does not enjoy brawling, except a little play-tussling here and there when his energy is running high, but would fight with the ferocity of an entire pride to keep those he loves safe. To the surprise of those who believe him to be aggressive, he is very even-tempered and a peacemaker, always looking to calm down a situation. Fighting is his final resort, however good he is at it. He believes that there is always a way to avoid battle, and there are very few circumstances under which he would deliberately harm another lion unless they were threatening to lay a tooth or claw on his pride, friends, and family. However, as fierce as he is when he feels that an animal he likes is in danger, he is often lazy and enjoys sprawling about rather than helping clean up the dens or groom his fur. He is glad that he is not a hunter, for he would feel very uncomfortable killing animals that had done nothing wrong.

Though he is usually fairly calm and at ease, at rather random times he will experience a burst of energy and want nothing more than to run about and pounce on anything in reach. He learns best when he sees demonstrations.

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