Name Fire
Gender Female
Species Lion
Affiliation Pridelanders
Appearances The Lion King IV: The Next King
Voice Actor(s) *Wildfire*
Close Relations Daughter of Simba and Nala, Sister of Kiara and Kopa

Fire is a lioness from The Lion King IV: The Next King.


Fire resembles her father,

Rafiki's Drawing of Fire

Simba, in build, but has her mother, Nala's, blue eyes and coloring. She has a pink nose, and pin inner ears. Her tail tuft is brown.



Fire as Scar in a dream

Fire is brave, kind, and very ambitious. She wants to be queen of the Pridelands someday, but first she must convince her older siblings, Kiara and Kopa, that they shouldn't be the next leaders, showing she has a persuasive and cunning side. In some ways she is like her father, fun-loving, relaxed, and playful, in other ways she resembles her great uncle, Scar.


The Lion King IV: The Next King


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