This is a list of fighting and hunting techniques used by the Pridelanders.


  • Back Kick: Explosive surprise move to catch opponent from behind. Judge opponent's distance from you carefully, then lash out with your back legs, taking all weight on your front paws.
  • Front Paw Blow: Frontal attack. Bring your front paw down hard on your opponent's head. Claws sheathed.
  • Belly Rake: A fight-stopper. Slice with unsheathed claws against the soft flesh of the opponent's belly. If you're pinned down, the belly rake quickly puts you back into control.
  • Front Paw Strike/Forepaw Slash: Frontal attack. Slice downward with your front paw at the face or body of your opponent.
  • Killing Bite: A death blow to the back of the neck.
  • Play Dead: Effective in a tight situation, such as when you are pinned. Stop struggling and go limp. When your opponent relaxes their grip, thinking you are defeated, push yourself up explosively. This will throw off an unwary opponent and put you in attacking position.
  • Scruff Shake: Secure a strong teeth grip in the scruff of your opponent's neck; then shake violently until they are too rattled to fight back. Most effective against rats, who are small enough to throw. A strong throw will stun or kill them. Considered an effective hunting technique by Queen Nala.
  • Tail Yank: Grab your opponent's tail and yank it with such force your opponent is thrown off balance.