Pearl-spotted owlet
A Friendly Lion
Fakachi is an adolescent female pearl-spotted owlet that lives in the Uotaji Woods.


Long-winged and spindly-legged, Fakachi is a somewhat average-looking bird with a few distinguishing features. Her feathers are a light fallow brown, only a couple shades away from being pale chestnut. Her mantle is even lighter, flecked with white. The top of her head is also dappled with tiny pearly white speckles. Her underbelly is snowy white, spotted with a darker shade of her predominant color. On the back of her head, two dark soot-colored circles are present, rimmed with white. She has a pale grayish brown facial disk, a tan cere, and a sharp sandy yellow beak. Her tail feathers are spotted black and white, and one of them curls upward ever so slightly at the tip. She has long brownish yellow toes ending in gently hooked blackish brown claws. She has feathery white eyebrows.


Fakachi is a curious bird, a bit nosy, but well-liked. She has a habit of prying into other animals' business, but she does it in the friendliest way possible. She is humble and courteous, respectful of everything except privacy. She can be awkward in large groups, but for the most part she is very comfortable spending time with others and can befriend animals surprisingly quickly. She has a tendency to gossip from time to time, though she is attempting to break this habit with some success.


Early Life

Fakachi was hatched in a small acacia tree, without any animals to talk to except for her parents. She was dissatisfied with this, and eventually made the decision to life. Hearing about the abundance of life in the Uotaji Woods, she flew until she found it.