Eclipse is a lioness and the future queen of the Nyasi Pride. She is daughter of Kama and Kirgu and has a brother and sister yet to be named.



A fan-art of eclipse by Kiara M37.

Eclipse has a dark, but yellowish coat with black markings on it. She is a adolescent lion, like Telav, and is 10 moons old. As for her markings, she has a black diamond on her head, and a lighter underbelly and paws. Her eyes are brown and she has a medium build. She is considered rowdy, free-spirited, and fun-loving.


Though Eclipse is a princess, she doesn't act as a princess would. She is always disobeying rules and rouding around with her friends. She is considered an embarrassment to her family, and Kirgu is worried about her being on the thrown in the future. She is first-born in the family, meaning she is destined to be queen.

Eclipse was born during a total eclipse. She was also born with her eyes open. In continuing years, her best friend became a lion named Bluestar, who she met while going in the fields on her own. She proved to be very good at making friends, though she would rather be friends with boys rather than girls. In her teenage years, she met a rogue lion named Kopa, who she eventually fell in love with.


  • Eclipse is based on Wolfface Jian Heixing, victor of the 155th hunger games, and mentour for District 9 in Revive the Dead Games.
  • Eclipse's favorite color is red. Her favorite color combination is red and yellow.

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