Damy (2010).

Damy is a braindamaged half-blood vampiremeerkat, who suffers from the results of his violent past directed by his fullblood mother, created by VampireMeerkat.

He shares his home with his childhood crush, Deirdre, who's a regular meerkat and his "girlfriend-in-denial". The main story is about her trying to give him an unwanted re-education, as Damy's upbringing deems it normal practise for him to terrorize the neighbourhood. He's a crazed villain, though many situations would argue he's an antihero.
Most of the comics and drawings starring him and Deirdre are humorous, despite their grim and Shakespearean past.

Damy was created somewhere between 2003 and 2004, but made his first online appearance at Lionking Fanart.org on June 21, 2004.


Damy's birth is thanks to his mortal father, Kurt, who made a deal with the vampire queen that had imprisoned him to keep their child, after she discovered her acts of sexual abuse towards him had resulted into a pregnancy. As intercourse with a mortal is forbidden and half-bloods are considered a disgrace by her kind, she preferred to self-terminate, but Kurt didn't want to give up on what would be his first child and argued it could make her proud as a future ruthless killer, supposedly making up for her mistakes.
She was persuaded, but made it clear she couldn't be a mother and didn't want to put effort into raising him. Kurt was entrusted with the care.

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He agreed in the moment, but didn't hesitate raising Damy to his own liking. Cheekah was especially disinterested in her son the first few years of his life, which made it easy to do this behind her back. Despite Damy being a vampire, he was good-natured, though in combination with Kurt's righteous upbringing, this didn't benefit him. He grew up socially awkward and ignorant about his surroundings. He wasn't allowed to go outside for a long time and could only take his father's words to heart; that made him believe the world was a forgiving place, with his mother as the only evil in it.
Though Cheekah needed little reason to get angry about something, Kurt still asked Damy to act obedient and vicious in her presence. It was a request he took seriously, but he was a bad actor and she became more hostile towards the two every time he failed at convincing her.

One night, Kurt had the opportunity to flee the house and considered leaving Damy behind to save himself. He got caught while trying to wake him anyway, which didn't improve Cheekah's spirits. Kurt was heavily crippled and couldn't walk ever again.

Damy met Deirdre and Timon for the first time at the age of 9. Since it never snows in Damy's home location -and this phenomenon was awakened after one of Cheekah's visits to the Vampire world- Kurt encouraged him to go outside to check it out.
There were children playing near the house, betting with each other who dared to get the closest. They were scared by Damy's presence at first, but picked up on his gullibility and decided to bully him instead. A young Timon was part of the group and felt uncomfortable by it. He argued they should be friends instead, and Damy felt appreciated, though their friendship was short-lived. The others had no intention of hanging out with the son of the infamous Cheekah and started stoning him. He was then buried alive under the snow. Timon became frightened by the sudden violence and ran away, forcing Damy's paralyzed father to head outside and rescue him.
After the group had dispersed, there was one young girl still hiding behind a tree, who had watched the whole ordeal and seemingly smiled at Damy. He spotted her from afar and couldn't figure out the meaning or reason of her facial expression, but blew it out of proportion and decided it was a sign of adoration. He instantly fell in love with the stranger.

Deirdre became an obsession for him. He often looked through the windows to see if she had returned, though didn't dare to go outside himself after the attack. She never came back to the house, though they were destined to meet again.

The desperate Damy left his home one day to go look for her, without giving an announcement, and came back hours later to find his mother killing Kurt. He was dead before Damy could stop it or speak to him one last time. He stood up against [his mother, but Cheekah didn't appreciate the disrespect and attacked him in a fit of rage. She meant to kill him and go for the neck, but Damy was quick enough to pull away his head, whereafter she bit off a piece of his right ear instead. Her moment of failure was enough time for her to regain a bit of her senses, whereafter she changed her plans and coldly chucked him out of the house. He was ordered to catch his own food and not return until he had killed.

Damy became stuck on what to do, as his morality didn't allow for him to hunt. Hours passed and he learned how challenging it was for a vampire to stay calm when in need of food. While vampires can't feel heat or cold, he's a half-blood and was bothered by the icy winds. His energy was draining fast.
Morning drew near and he eventually came across the girl he had long waited for. He wasn't looking mentally sound at that point and she was afraid of him, despite Damy promising he wouldn't harm her. Damy's mother then appeared, displeased over her son not doing anything.
The attention he was giving the girl was worrisome and she concluded it was best to get rid of everything that kept Damy morally sound. But he became dramatic and promised "to do anything" if she spared Deirdre's life. Because vampires are creatures that can't present a lie as a promise, Cheekah accepted and the victim was allowed to flee.

Damy obeyed all of his mother's orders as to protect someone he hardly knew.

At the age of 15, he was considered fully trained by Cheekah, yet still in control of himself and keeping a safe eye on Deirdre from afar. With his father gone, Damy believed he needed to give himself this task in order to not fall into inescapable insanity.
After years of slaving away and regretful experiences, Cheekah visited Damy on the roof with confusing dribble that sounded like she wanted to give him a compliment. Before she was able to let out any decisive words, she slipped, and fell off the roof. When Damy looked down, he saw his mother lying dead. While it was an unlikely death for a vampiremeerkat, Damy believed she was gone and now alone in the world. After having wasted the entirety of his childhood trying to become what his now dead mother killed his father for, he snapped.

The situation left him pondering whether or not he killed her; as Cheekah had tried to hold onto him when she started to slip. She grabbed for his right ear, but Damy turned away his head, and Cheekah ironically lost her grip because of the hole in his ear. The idea made him instantly lose fear for his mother, it reassured him he could defend himself from anything.

After her death, Damy kept living in his house of birth, as it's all he's ever known. He took over his mother's position of terrorizing the neighbourhood and all nearby locations as well.

Years later, Damy once again showed himself to Deirdre. He found out that she had become good friends with Timon and their relationship showed hints of romance, annoying him greatly. He still felt betrayed by Timon for leaving him to die 16 years ago, and had been bullying him over the course of time. Having that said, Timon saw and treated him as a bother, while Deirdre's trauma from 16 years ago made Damy unrecognizable and their short past together non-existent. He was a new face to her and had to believe Timon's description of him, which naturally wasn't favourable.
Damy saw no reason in explaining to her who he was and only showed up to interrupt their dates. It was a strangely docile tactic for Damy, as he was widely known for being a psychopath that couldn't be reasoned with. Having that said, Timon didn't know and only knew him as a petty bully.

Though Timon has always known the reason for Damy's disdain for him, he never explained it to Deirdre or apologized.

When Timon and Deirdre shared their first kiss and their love became a fact, Damy stopped playing around and wanted to take him captive for the purpose of torturing him. The couple became frightened when Damy showed his true colours, and Deirdre didn't hesitate to step in and volunteer to take his place. Damy denied at first, but then agreed after seeing Timon getting upset over it.

Damy moved her to his basement, where he chained her to the ceiling. While he knew accepting her was a mistake, he couldn't revert his decision. His brainwashed mind started to take over; he was angry and wanted to harm something.
Deirdre didn't talk much during her stay, but asked him "why?" every day. Damy could and did not explain, his only response was a senseless beating. 3 months later, Deirdre was in critical condition and he started feeling remorseful. His anger hadn't disappeared, but knew it was misplaced. He brought her upstairs and tied her up to his bed, where she'd be able to lie down. Still, he couldn't yet find it in himself to be nice. It took a while until she was allowed to speak or even make eye contact.
After nearly 5 months in total, Damy had fully stopped the senseless torture and started nursing her back to health. The 6th and last month, he finally told her about their first encounter and the entirety of his past, and then asked her to leave.

Deirdre became unsure on what to do next. She feared him and felt disgusted by his practises, but at the same time, felt he needed moral guidance and deserved a normal life. She returned a few days after Damy had set her free. He didn't want to let her in, but Deirdre's persistence and Damy's refusal to again cause her crippling harm made her infiltration unavoidable.
Eventually she no longer went back home when evening hit, and called the left side of his bed her own. Damy and Deirdre become an inseparable duo, but by becoming this involved with his life, the tight relationship she once had with Timon became watered down.
Timon is disturbed by her choice to befriend her assaulter and can rarely stop himself from bringing it up to her or Damy, who has trouble responding to these facts, since they are facts.

Timon regrets having been unable to save Deirdre, but even moreso for letting her get acquainted with Damy. He tries to regain that spark they had before she was taken away, even though her interest clearly shifted to the villain.
Deirdre has long been uncertain about her feelings, as she want to give both men equal attention, but realized that everything has been said with her reluctance to give Timon priority. Timon feels like a third wheel and disappears from the picture more often. Some time afterwards, he befriends Pumbaa and had his adventure with Simba.

Cheekah showed up shortly after Deirdre moved in, but Damy wasn't afraid or even surprised. He greeted her by trying to kill her for good, but they both proved equally matched.
Cheekah was given a taste of Damy's successful transformation and she fell head over heels for her own son. She announced her plans of marrying him. Damy refused for obvious reasons, but Cheekah blames Deirdre's existence for it.
As fighting him into submission won't work, Cheekah decides to ask the help of the Vampire world. Together, they constantly plan out political tactics and/or death traps for Deirdre, forcing Damy to stay alert. As the long forgotten residents are promised a king and queen to rule over them again, they're determined.


Because of the circumstances he was born in, Damy never had the chance of getting a normal development of any kind.

By being kept away from the outside world and only having his imprisoned father to socialize with didn't help him grow up into a charming person. He had to guess what relationships should be like and it caused his obsessive hate for Timon, who he expected to protect him after he had offered his friendship, and his obsessive love for Deirdre, who charmed him with a debatable smile.

As an adult, Damy is objective and intelligent, yet cannot shake off his feelings for characters he met in the past. Cheekah is an exception and surprisingly doesn't awaken any kind of trauma within him.
Damy remembers the person he used to be, but once told Deirdre he wouldn't change himself if he could and "likes being bad", which reveals an important fact about Damy's nature as a vampire.

Damy is anti-social and a skeptic thinker who doesn't care much for anything that's generally considered fun. He's described by Deirdre as an old man, and would only hunt and sleep every day if she didn't force activities on him. Taking the life of others seems to be a form of entertainment for him.
When she started living with him, he developed a sarcastic sense of humor, but before that, had no feeling for comedy.


His head and body suffered many blows in the past, and Damy has perceivable mental and physical damage. He isn't able to move his eyebrows much and his face is stuck in a constant frown.
Despite the grumpy look and other rough features, he's considered handsome by most meerkats and a fair amount of females unacquainted with him tend to approach. While it would make his hunting easier, he doesn't use his looks to gain trust and stealth kill others, though it's a legitimate way of hunting for the vampire race.

Damy has long, wavy black hair in a ponytail, thick eyebrows, small pupils, a large pointy nose, furry cheeks, and misses a piece from his right ear. He has a pattern of conjoined stripes on his back.

Compared to full-blood vampiremeerkats, he looks rather average.



Damy and Deirdre (2006).

Damy and Deirdre have a weirdly comical friendship with hints of desire for each other, despite their inappropriate past.

After Damy gave her the details of his childhood and released her, she somehow felt to owe him a second chance and help him find genuine happiness. She returned some time afterwards and started visiting him on a daily basis. This led up to becoming a resident of his home and claiming his bed.
Deirdre functions as the angel that never leaves his shoulder and a "friendly beating" is usually the thanks she gets. These situations argue it's cartoon violence and not comparable to the torture she's gone through prior.

She thinks Damy acts like a grumpy old man, so constantly tries to involve him with the outside world. She invites him to parties and other social events, but it's hard for him to function in any kind of company. He expresses disinterest for all her suggestions, but further in time accepts them more often by not audibly declining, though it's clear he only joins her to have it count as a date.

While he claims to everyone who assumes it that Deirdre isn't his (girl)friend, his feelings for her stayed the same over the years. Whether it's because of his training or the guilt from torturing her; he is unwilling to tell her his feelings or show a positive response to her hugs and overall attention. He has no tolerance for other men approaching her, but doesn't find himself worthy to be with her, either.
Damy shows his love by functioning as her alert guard dog and saved her life multiple times over the course of time.

Their bond is frowned upon by the neighbourhood and the vampire community. Mainly Deirdre is considered to be at fault by both parties.


Young Timon and Damy (2004).

Damy once considered Timon his first and only childhood friend.

Because Timon didn't help him when being attacked by the neighbourhood youth, he felt betrayed and never shed these negative feelings. Nevertheless, Timon stayed mostly save from Damy's lethal violence, insinuating he values their short time spent to some degree.

Timon is a controversial figure in many ways. He was Deirdre's first love interest, the one who tried to save her after getting caught by Damy, and the one who keeps reminding the two of this fact whenever they meet. His dislike for Damy is great; and he blames him for ruining his romantic development with Deirdre and "tricking" her into feeling sympathy for an unapologetic mass murderer. At the same time, he knows not to stand a chance against Damy in a fight and Deirdre is no longer the girl he fell for, so tries not to emotionally overexert himself.
Damy, on the other side of the aisle, still sees Timon as a threat that could take Deirdre away and rather not have her speak to him ever again. Deirdre requested to him to stop arguing with Timon, and in return, Damy doesn't want her to mention his name around him.

Timon entertained a few meetings with him and Deirdre, but didn't care to keep it up.

Cheekah (2007).


Cheekah is Damy's mother. He used to fear her, but now grants her no emotion when they meet.

The two found out they're equally matched in a fight, giving them little reason to do so. This change of reaction gave his mother the opportunity to change her approach, and she tries to talk him into marriage or sexually harasses him. Resulting into fights anyway.

Cheekah's growing fascination for Damy makes her more submissive and she accepts his violence and rudeness, something she wouldn't have tolerated from anyone back in the day. Damy is disgusted by her sudden crush on him.

Kurt and young Damy (2004).


Kurt is Damy's mortal father.

He was Damy's only friend and helping hand, but also inadvertently kept him in a state of victimhood. While he helped him stay mentally sound the first years of his life, he was struggling with it himself and vividly rejected the negative facts of life to bring peace to his mind. Having that said, he never told Damy about the deal he made with Cheekah or her plans. Why Damy had to act like her was not given context.

Damy desires no contact with Kurt's family, though Deirdre insisted on visiting them.

List of Damy reincarnations

Damy's image has been reused for different characters from other series. Some are direct copies, while others borrow prominent features:

Damy (Little Red Riding Hood)

Damy is here the wolf from the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. He made his first appearance in 2008.
He resembles Damy and has most of his personality, though doesn't have a grim past.

Damy (The Powerpuff Girls)

Damy is here a mutant clone of a teenage boy from the Powerpuff Girls universe. He's not made an online appearance.
He resembles him and has the most important elements of his personality, but a whole different backstory.

Damy (Pokémon)

Damy is a male Mewtwo from the Pokémon universe. He made his first appearance in 2008.
He resembles him and has the most important elements of his personality, but a whole different backstory and he befriends someone else besides just Deirdre.

Damy (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

Damy is here a teenage boy from the Ed, Edd n Eddy universe. He made his first appearance in 2010.
He bears his image, but most of his personality has been altered to make him fit in as a fairly regular teenager. While he still has a dubious past, alot of things about him are unmentioned.

Damy (Undertale)

Damy is an Undertale creature born from a meerkat monster and a regular meerkat.

Dee Rhymz

Dee Rhymz is a Surinamese boy from no specific media. He made his first appearance in 2008.
While he grew out to be his own character with his own unique appearance, his first facial design was slightly based on that of Damy's human design.


Dennim is an imaginary boy from the series "DenNIM". He made his first appearance in 2011.
His design is slightly based on Damy's and his personality is much like his old one, before getting rewritten (See: Trivia).
The concept of different endings was also reused in DenNIM.

Vampire Edd

Vampire Edd is a different version of Edd from the cartoon Ed, Edd n Eddy, and acts much like Damy used to in his first design (See: Trivia).

He made his first appearance in 2010.


  • Damy was originally created for the sole purpose of being the villain and pushing Timon and Deirdre to romantically bond more.
  • Damy was more joky and playful in his first released images; but was quickly rewritten to be silent and bitter.
  • In Damy's first unpublished design he looked similar to Timon, but had a big nose and blond hair.
  • In some ways, Damy and Deirdre's past situation is Cheekah and Kurt's situation with the roles reversed.
  • Damy's corporal abuse caused some other side effects; if Damy were to cry, the pressure inside his head would result his tears to be mixed with blood;
    • By prolonged duration, it would physically weaken him.
  • There are multiple endings written for the story of Damy and Deirdre, though only one is considered canon.

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