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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 6 September

My Royal Family Of The Pridelands

  • 1 Current Members
  • 2 Deceased members
  • 3 Non Members:
    • 3.1 Pride Landers
    • 3.2 Night Pride

  • Simba and Nala (current king and queen)
  • Sarabi (dropped her throne to Simba and Nala)
  • Princess Kiara and Kovu
  • Jabari and unknown princess
  • Kion and Rani (now king and queen at the tree of life)

Mufasa (the current king's father)






Askari (back 10 generations before Scar's guard)

Sarafina (Nala's mother)

Taha (Sarafina's Mate, deceased)

Zira (before Zira and Tendaji arrived at pride rock) (Kovu's mother)

Nuka (oldest sibling of Zira) (deceased)

Kopa (ran to the darklands due to killing his own brother Chaka)

  • Askari (the first Lion Guard)
  • Banji (first brave member)
  • Rashid (first strong member)
  • Tabio(first fast member)
  • Seghan(first kennest of sight)
  • Hidyaya (Uru's…

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Htynhbjkni Htynhbjkni 12 August

French Kiara

long before Aisha, Juliet's reign

Me: Kiara?

Kiara: Why?

Me: You are french from now

Kiara: Quelle, oh mon dieu, toi

Me: Calm

Kiara; Merci, Htynhbjkni?

12 years later...

Kiara: Bonjour, Kovu

Kovu: What, you speaking french and wearing an beret?

Kiara: Oui! Kovu?

Kovu: OMG!!

9 minutes later...

Nala: oh no! Kiara is french.

Rafiki: Oh My Godness

Kiara: maman, je veux parler à papa

Kiara: Papa?

Simba: French?

Kiara: Je suis désolé

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Htynhbjkni Htynhbjkni 10 August

For Ginnyharry4ever

For you, Ginnyharry4ever.

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Htynhbjkni Htynhbjkni 8 August

Nuka's Return nowcancelled...

Nuka's Return is cancelled Yes. now make The Rise of Asha.

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4KunaiSkrill4 4KunaiSkrill4 9 July

Hey everyone!

Im kunai, and I took inspiration from when I would play TLK when I was younger to write my own fanfic!

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Second Indominus Second Indominus 12 June

Kion X... Kiara

Wait , do people actually ship Kion with Kiara ?!? That is kind of disgusting. Why do they?

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KaraTheLion016 KaraTheLion016 30 May

My Love Of The Lion King

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Sapphirejas Sapphirejas 10 April

Removing HIgh Cliffs Universe

I will be removing High Cliffs Universe from my fanon, as it is canceled and I don't have anything to do with it anymore! Thank you.

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 14 February

Happy Valentines Day!

I got 2 Lion King presents! An Ono plush and by accident....another adult Simba plush!

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Princess ava15 Princess ava15 16 January

My To-Do List

  • Work on my series content on my wiki and here.
  • Add song pages.
  • Add summaries to pages.
  • Work on the Battle for the Circle of Life/Gallery on my wiki.
  • Start working on the episode Kion the Werelion.
  • Fix synopses to keep them simple.
  • Work on the Protecting Mhina episode.
  • Remove bad/unnecessary trivia.
  • Work on location gallery images
  • Add trivia and relationship info.
  • Start working on Story of the Northern Pride on my wiki.
  • Work on Tales of Mhina transcripts.
  • Work on cast list for The sky Kingdom series
  • Work on Articles and episodes for The sky Kingdom
  • Work on chapters on my wiki and here.
  • Add info to the Battle for the Circle of Life event
  • Remove false information.
  • Find out roles for characters.
  • Work on Of the Same Leap.
  • Improve the characters template on my wik…
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Sapphirejas Sapphirejas 5 December 2020

Switching to High Cliffs Lion King Canon

Hi everyone, this is my first blog post. Today I have big news to share you. It’s been a tough decison, but I has to do it.

I will be switching my main canon from my own canon to High Cliffs canon. This does not mean I’m getting rid of original characters such as Bakari and Maua, they will not be in my canon anymore and I now believe in the Night Pride Series/High Cliffs canon. I will still be creating ocs, but they will not be of direct lineage of Simba’s family and such. I will not be updating my old canon anymore, as I don’t have time to modify and create pages for both universes. Bye.

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 24 November 2020

Jennifer and Mya Original Concepts and Ideas

This page contains a list for many original concepts and ideas for The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya. Be prepared for what you're about to read - I had crazy ideas for the series at some point!

  • 1 Original Storylines and Plots
    • 1.1 First Incarnation: CatShadow
    • 1.2 Second Incarnation: Untitled
  • 2 Character Development
    • 2.1 Jennifer
    • 2.2 Mya
    • 2.3 Winter
    • 2.4 Daniela
    • 2.5 Rex
  • 3 Dropped Characters
    • 3.1 Adam
    • 3.2 Alicia/Belle
    • 3.3 Mrs. Flowers
    • 3.4 Josie
  • 4 Early Episode Contents
  • 5 Other Series Tidbits
    • 5.1 Theme Song
    • 5.2 Location and Places
  • 6 Halloween Episodes?
  • 7 Episode Concepts
    • 7.1 Season One
      • 7.1.1 Prologue
      • 7.1.2 Meeting Winter
      • 7.1.3 Daze Runners
      • 7.1.4 Dancing in the Dark
      • 7.1.5 There's Something About Mya
      • 7.1.6 Winter Storm Arising

Unlike the finished product of the series, the first idea I had was actually m…

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 24 November 2020

List of Songs in Jennifer and Mya

This page is a list of songs in The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya.

  • 1 Pattern
  • 2 What's My Name?
    • 2.1 Lyrics
  • 3 Party Rock Anthem
    • 3.1 Lyrics
  • 4 Tik Tok
    • 4.1 Lyrics
  • 5 Worth It
    • 5.1 Lyrics
  • 6 All Night Long
    • 6.1 Lyrics
  • 7 I Gotta Feeling
    • 7.1 Lyrics
  • 8 Love Runs Out
    • 8.1 Lyrics
  • 9 Don't Stop the Music
    • 9.1 Lyrics
  • 10 Jumpsuit
    • 10.1 Lyrics
  • 11 Diamonds
    • 11.1 Lyrics
  • 12 Other Songs Alluded to/Mentioned
    • 12.1 Sorry Not Sorry
    • 12.2 Goner
    • 12.3 Stay
    • 12.4 Who's That Chick?
    • 12.5 In the Dark
    • 12.6 This Is Me
    • 12.7 Really Don't Care
  • 13 Trivia

Main article: Pattern

What's My Name? is the second song featured in the series after the intro. It is sung by Barbadian singer Rihanna, and features Drake. It was released in 2010 and can be found on Rihanna's album Loud. The song explores meeting someone new and falling in love with them, which Ri…

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 23 November 2020

Winter's Tales

Winter's Tales is a seven-episode prequel series to The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya.

  • 1 History and Synopsis
  • 2 Cast
  • 3 Episodes
    • 3.1 An Introduction
    • 3.2 Friendship
    • 3.3 A Relationship
    • 3.4 The Fall Year
    • 3.5 A Dark, Violent Ending
    • 3.6 Run!
    • 3.7 Adjusting to Life; Meeting Strangers

The series was formed after season one had completed airing. It involves Winterlyn McCormick before meeting Jennifer and Mya as the series uncovers more of her past and what led up to the events leading up to the main series. It is in first-person and told from Winter's POV.

  • Mae Whitman as Winter
  • Eden Riegel as Daniela
  • Jim Pirri as Winter's father
  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Jennifer
  • Dakota Fanning as Mya

It was a beautiful day at the park. I was swinging on the swingset, my light sandy-brown hair flying…

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LionKingfan32 LionKingfan32 9 November 2020



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Lions4ever91 Lions4ever91 7 November 2020

My new youtube channel

Only a short information that I'm planning to renew my old youtube account, because I miss making up lion king/guard related own videos and making collabs like animashes, meps or other good stuff with other people.

Here's a link to my new youtube channel called diglion 2.0: Queen Malika Creative Studio Productions

It will still take some time until I can upload videos, for I plan on reupload some of my old diglion videos at first, but after that I will start making new videos again.

My first project to make will be a visualisation of WindowsMyers2018 fancreated The Lion Guard Revisited series. I already obtained permission and allowance from him personally to do this…

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SisiNiSawa621 SisiNiSawa621 20 October 2020

Kanapkuba's Block

This is speaking for all staff.

We know some of you disagree with Kanapkuba's block.

However, he has done this before. He has gone after minors, messed with users' safety, and as many of you know, constantly spams.

Kanapkuba went against the rules of fandom.

This block is necessary, and the admins and mods do not want to be spammed and begged to unban him.

No matter what he says, the block will remain.

UPDATE: Kanapkuba has a global block on fandom.

UPDATE II: Kanapkuba was unblocked. It is advised to stay away from his wiki(s) and avoid contact with him. He has abused his power, so it would be recommended to request closure to Lion Guard: New Beginning Wiki or request to permanently ban him across FANDOM.

UPDATE III: If anyone would- email Fandom …

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Sameera penme Sameera penme 13 October 2020

My pages

  • Kopa (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Simba (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Nala (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Kion (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Raka (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Ayana (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Golden (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Ria (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Rakia (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Linen (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Leopon (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Kiapo (Sameera's Fanfics)
  • Nala (Sameera's Fanfics) (Gallery)
  • Simba (Sameera's Fanfics) (Gallery)
  • Aza (Sameera's Fanfics)                                     

If you want see my pages, Please tap these links.

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 12 October 2020

Voice Actors

This page contains additional info for the voice actors of The Adventure of Jennifer and Mya, Winter's Tales, and any other shorts related to the series.

NOTE: Only episodes from the main series will be listed.

  • 1 Peyton Elizabeth Lee
    • 1.1 Voice Roles
  • 2 Dakota Fanning
    • 2.1 Voice Roles
  • 3 Mae Whitman
    • 3.1 Voice Roles
  • 4 Nora Dunn
    • 4.1 Voice Roles
  • 5 Eden Riegel
    • 5.1 Voice Roles
  • 6 Dee Bradley Baker
    • 6.1 Voice Roles
  • 7 Dana Terrace
    • 7.1 Voice Roles
  • 8 Jim Pirri
    • 8.1 Voice Roles
  • 9 Mary Passeri
    • 9.1 Voice Roles
  • 10 Hunter Schafer
    • 10.1 Voice Roles
  • 11 Lauren Tom
    • 11.1 Voice Roles
  • 12 John Hodgman
    • 12.1 Voice Roles
  • 13 Wendie Malick
    • 13.1 Voice Roles
  • 14 Trent Garrett
    • 14.1 Voice Roles
  • 15 Lynette DuPree
    • 15.1 Voice Roles
  • 16 Jim Rash
    • 16.1 Voice Roles
  • 17 Kari Wahlgren
    • 17.1 Voice Roles
  • 18 Nika Futterman
    • 18.1 Voice Roles
  • 19 Jorge Diaz
    • 19.1 Voice Roles
  • 20…

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 10 October 2020


For more info on The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya, please see here and here.

Pattern is the intro to The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya, which debuts in the second episode of season 1, Meeting Winter. Sung by Demi Lovato, the series version was released on October 9th, 2020. The full version was also released the same day.

  • This song is an unreleased track of Demi Lovato's, not appearing on any of her six albums.
  • The song is meant to demonstrate how strong Jennifer and Mya's friendship is.
  • Some lyrics were altered to fit the series more.
  • If there were an official video, some of the following scenes would show in chronological order:
    • Jennifer and Mya walking side by side and performing a secret handshake
    • Passing by Winter, who is holding a pocket kn…

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 9 October 2020

The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya Episodes

  • 1 Season 1
    • 1.1 Episode 1: Prologue
      • 1.1.1 Episode Trivia and Cast
    • 1.2 Episode 2: Meeting Winter
      • 1.2.1 Episode Trivia and Cast

The episode begins by panning down on a young 10 year old girl sitting under a tree in Pineshadow, Washington. She is near the end of a book, reading the last page.

"And done! Man, what a wild ride. Hopefully they're okay after that battle," she said to herself.

She leaned her black hair back on the tree, slightly adjusting her glasses. She then looked up at the cloudless sky, and sighed.

"Nice day, isn't it?" The girl once again talked to herself.

"It is." Startled, the girl looked around for who just said that. She found who. Another girl was right in front of her. She had light brown hair and green eyes, and was wearing a white s…

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 7 October 2020

New Series

Hi Lion King Fans! You may have guessed by the title that I have finally decided to write a fanon. However, it isn't actually themed after TLK at all, it is instead based in a humanoid setting.

This series is called The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya.

  • 1 Synopsis
  • 2 Series Abbreviations
  • 3 Cast
    • 3.1 Main
    • 3.2 Supporting
    • 3.3 Guest Stars

In the fictional town of Pineshadow, Washington, very close friends Jennifer Wang and Mya Heartley face various life challenges as they discover more about the people around them, fight complicated battles, and build up their relationship as they attend middle school.

  • TAoJaM
  • JaM

For additional details on the voice actors, see here.

  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Jennifer Wang: Jennifer is a 13yr old student attending Pineshadow middle sch…

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AndrewShilohJeffery AndrewShilohJeffery 27 September 2020


Hello again, fellow Lion King fans! After holding off on doing it for 3 years, I've finally decided to start doing commissions to make a little bit of money for some of my other projects to be made. All of the information and prices are on the images below! Your financial support will be greatly appreciated. I hope you all have a good night!

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 16 September 2020

Will be gone because of severe case of flu

I'm so sorry everyone but I have a fever of 105 and I will be dead. Long live SpixNala101.

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Charaisntevilguys Charaisntevilguys 9 September 2020

what is your kopa story

ok so im new here

and id like to know what everyone's stories of Kopa are

mine is that he almost got killed by zira but nala's father or someone like that saved him

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 8 September 2020

Images and Stuff

This is a list where I keep track of important images.

For Ava15 and other users

  • 1 Anga
    • 1.1 Infant
    • 1.2 Teenager
  • 2 Azaad
  • 3 Baliyo
  • 4 Bunga
    • 4.1 Cub
    • 4.2 Teen
  • 5 Chuluun
  • 6 Fikiri
  • 7 Fuli
    • 7.1 Cub
    • 7.2 Teenager
  • 8 Goigoi
  • 9 Janna
  • 10 Kiara
    • 10.1 Teenager
  • 11 Kion
    • 11.1 Infant
    • 11.2 Cub
    • 11.3 Teenager
  • 12 Kitendo
  • 13 Madoa
  • 14 Makini
  • 15 Makucha
  • 16 Mama Binturong
  • 17 Nirmala
  • 18 Nne
  • 19 Ona
  • 20 Ono
  • 21 Rafiki
  • 22 Rani
  • 23 Saba
  • 24 Simba
    • 24.1 Cub
    • 24.2 Adult
  • 25 Surak
  • 26 Swala
  • 27 Tano
  • 28 Tazama
  • 29 Tiifu
    • 29.1 Cub
  • 30 Ushari
  • 31 Zuri
    • 31.1 Cub


  • https://lionguard.fandom…

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AndrewShilohJeffery AndrewShilohJeffery 28 August 2020

The reason I've been less active over the past two years

Hello children!!

As some of you might know, I've been working on some character designs for Princess Ava15's series "Legends of the Lion Guard" at the request of Potato Flakin. I haven't really been posting on this wiki mainly because I was in college for a few semesters, work and because I wanted to work on some original concepts of my own. One of which I started all the way back in 2017! This concept is an animated series I'm currently writing and storyboarding is called "Leopards: Cats of Majesty." Set in the rainforests of West Africa, "Leopards: Cats of Majesty" tells the story of a young Melanistic Leopard named Chibueze, trying to discover who his real mother is and who killed his mother. He is joined by his cousins and love interest…

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Potato Flakin Potato Flakin 23 July 2020

Special News

Hi guys! Potato here, today sharing some special news.

One of my favorite celebrities has gotten engaged to someone she truly deserves.

If you weren't aware - Demi Lovato is engaged.

One of my favorite singers (second place) and celebs, Demi has announced today that she is engaged to actor and fellow singer Max Ehrich. The two had been dating for four months, and many (including Lovatics) thought that they would be together.

And now here we are.

From appearing in an Ariana Grande music video (kiss included) to staying in the same house. From Max chilling with Demi's dogs to going grocery shopping together. To Demi accidentally crashing Max's Instagram Live performance by walking toward him with a blanket and flustering him. And most recently, to …

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Tigervslion123 Tigervslion123 18 July 2020

Furry new life


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LionGuardFan01 LionGuardFan01 4 July 2020

I'm Writing Yet Another Story

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven't done anything here in a while. I was busy over on TLG Wiki. Anyway, I'll be writing another story. This one is called "The Miracle Deliverer". This is based off the famous DreamWorks film, "The Prince of Egypt", though I will add my own elements. To give you a brief summary, a human woman named Msichana is forced to give up Bozi, her baby girl, whom Surak raises as his own. Years later, a plague of stink wounds the land of the Tree of Life. Faced with the tough choice of leaving the Tree in order to be safe, a mysterious journey for Bozi begins.

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GamerGod2006 GamerGod2006 30 June 2020

Who hacked me.


This is important!

I got hacked alot of times, the hacker claimed to be a girl from my school. But i soon discoverd, it wasn't her. So i need to find out who did it, and confront them.

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 27 June 2020

It's My Birthday!

Let's celebrate turning 19!

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GamerGod2006 GamerGod2006 21 June 2020


I am back. After 10 days, my Dad changed his mind...

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Tiger0120 Tiger0120 19 June 2020

My fanon character bydio

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Tiger0123 Tiger0123 18 June 2020

Bydio new life

He is a fears cub

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GamerGod2006 GamerGod2006 12 June 2020


I am now On Hiatus because of the Coronavirus. Goodbye :((((

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GamerGod2006 GamerGod2006 3 June 2020


Everyone, I am sorry to say i'm Semi-Active. You can still get in contact with me here

This is just until Coronavirus and Lockdown is over. I will be on once a week for 1 hour, (unless i see Lioners sockpuppet. I'll let Ginny know). IF THINGS GET WORSE, I'LL HAVE TO GO ON HIATUS, FROM ALL OF FANDOM, UNTIL IT IS OVER. Anyway goodbye now...

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 30 May 2020

What's your favorite lion king character (Fanfiction or not)

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 30 May 2020

Have you ever made an edit on the lion king wiki

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 30 May 2020

What is your favorite lion king song (fanfiction or not)

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 30 May 2020

Can someone give me tips for the lucky 1000th?

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 30 May 2020

What do you think about simba's pride?

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 30 May 2020

Do you think the lion king 2 live action will come to theaters?

I want votes!

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 29 May 2020

Beware of the Covid-19 Virus

I don't want everyone to leave, please wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, and stay home if you can.

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 27 May 2020

Leaving Rio Wiki Until Bureaucrat Comes Back

He's been gone for a month. 

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GamerGod2006 GamerGod2006 17 May 2020



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LionGuardFan01 LionGuardFan01 9 May 2020

Update Regarding "Jogina the Murderer"

Hey, guys! My new story, "Jogina the Murderer" is FINALLY FINISHED!!! After many weeks of thought and work, I finally pieced everything together and it's ready to be read. I'll post the link here so you guys can check it out! If you can, please leave feedback, let me know what you thought.

Link here-

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LionGuardFan01 LionGuardFan01 3 May 2020

My New Fanfiction

Hi, everybody! I'm writing a new fanfiction called Jogina the Murderer. It's my take on the Lion Guard episode, Poa the Destroyer. To give you a short summary, the Night Pride accidentally murders a human couple who seeked refuge for their daughter, Ilyssa, who miraculously manages to survive. She soon grows fearful of Surak, so he has to try to convince Ilyssa that he's actually nice. He fails at first, but after many attempts, she (Ilyssa) manages to see kindness in his heart and they become allies and eventually best friends. Once I get the whole story written, I'll post the link for you guys so you can check it out! I hope to see your feedback, let me know what you thought of the story. That's all I have for now. Again, I'll give the l…

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Princess ava15 Princess ava15 2 May 2020

History of Leopon Plains

This blog is Finished.

  • 1 Chapter 1: Reign of Zamani and Hekima
  • 2 Chapter 2: Reign of Heshima
  • 3 Chapter 3: Reign of Hazina and Ikenna
  • 4 Chapter 4: Reign of Kweli and Kwa
  • 5 Chapter 5: Reign of Arjana and Ponda
  • 6 Chapter 6: Reign of Atiena
  • 7 Chapter 7: Reign of Ayo and Ajani
  • 8 Chapter 8: Reign of Mhina

Hekima was born to unknown parents in an unknown territory. As he grew up, he quickly left his family to explore new lands; one of these lands would eventually turn out to be Leopon Plains. Liking the shelter, food, and other places around the plains, Hekima decided to live there. He would soon meet a leopardess named Zamani, and they became fast lovers. Zamani was born in an unnamed territory to unknown parents. When she became a teenager, she left her family,…

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SpixNala101 SpixNala101 27 April 2020


I will be back as soon as I can.

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