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Pride Landers
A Friendly Lion

Bidii is a lioness cub and a Pride Lander.


Small, strong, and robust, Bidii is a pretty young lioness, if somewhat average-looking. She is well-built, with slender paws and a short body. Her long, thick tail, which ends in a small and thin brown tuft, is long and usually held in an arched position behind her. Her light sandy-brown coat is sleek and glossy and a result of living a comfortable life in the Pride Lands. The fur on top of her small head is longer and scruffy, smoothed forward. Paler fur is present on her paws, muzzle, and underbelly, and her inner ears are a darker tan. Her head is small and well-shaped, with a short muzzle and a small bright pink nose. Her round, bright eyes are a light peridot green, with slender brown eyebrows positioned above them. She has small teeth and claws that are sharp, white, and clean due to her youth.


Bidii is a very sociable and friendly cub. She enjoys spending time with her friends, and likes to keep them all safe. She has a tendency to immediately blame herself if anything goes wrong, believing that she could have done something to prevent it. This can cause her to be overly pushy and apologetic towards the affected animals, saying that she is sorry over and over. She is very observant and good at looking out for everyone and picking up on minor details. Though she takes pride in this skill, she does not usually brag about it. She always listens attentively to stories, gasping and laughing in all of the right places. Bidii is also rather sensitive, crying whenever she is upset, even over something trivial. However, she is very loyal and will follow her friends anywhere. She trusts them and feels very gratified knowing that they trust her. She loves to play games, especially hide-and-seek and pouncing practice. Whatever she is doing, Bidii tries her very best and puts all of her effort in.


Early Life

Bidii was born to a Pride Lander lioness and lion. Her father was very gentle and nurturing, her mother funny and playful. Bidii met her best friend Kiangazi when she left Pride Rock for the very first time. The two quickly bonded, both being social and cheerful.