Baliyo (Kanapkuba)
Night Pride

Baliyo is the brother of Rani, the only nephew of Surak, the son of Sahasi and Ananda, and the grandson of Queen Janna.


He has dark brown fur, with a creamy brown underbelly, muzzle and paws. His large hair tuft is a dark greyish-brown, with darker and lighter stripes running through it. The same goes for his tail tuft. Dotted around his legs are dark brown spots and and there are three smaller spots under his eyes. His ear rims are black around the top and brown along the sides, and his inner ear is light pink which is darker near the ear canal. Baliyo has pale yellow sclerae, with dark blue irises. His nose is large, pointed, similarly to Outsiders, and dark pink. Unlike the other male lions on the show, Baliyo doesn’t have any whiskers, which is weird considering all male lions have them.


Baliyo is an enthusiastic and friendly lion. He is brave, loyal, and dedicated to his pride and their duty in protecting the Tree of Life, which has also led to Baliyo being somewhat rash and quick to jump to conclusions, as seen when the Night Pride first met the Lion Guard; Baliyo misunderstood the situation, believing the Lion Guard to be enemies and immediately attacked, leading to a misunderstanding between the two groups.

Otherwise, he is welcoming and forgiving, not holding a grudge against Kion for using the Roar on him apart from asking him not to do it again. He has a big heart and loves his family, as he was heartbroken by the passing of his grandmother, but swore to her that he would stay strong and support his sister. After the passing of his grandma, he is shown to be not as impulsive, showing that this loss had a deep impact on him.

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