Baboons (128)
Baboons are animals that appear in The Lion King franchise.
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Baboons live in hierarchical troops usually consisting of around 50 animals or more. Females are pregnant for six months and usually give birth to a single infant. The young are weaned after a year and reach sexual maturity between five to eight years. Males leave their troop while females stay in the same group for life.

Baboons are terrestrial creatures that live in grassland and open woodland. They follow an omnivorous diet, feeding on vegetation as well as insects, birds and smaller animals.


All baboons are known to have long, dog-like muzzles and powerful jaws with sharp teeth. Other characteristics of a baboon include close-set eyes, thick body hair, a short tail, and a hairless protrusion on its rear - known as a ischial callosities.

Appearances in Fanfiction

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  • Within the series, Mandrills are referred to as "baboons", although they are of a separate genus.


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