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Each month, a badge track for a certain species of animal is enabled. The animal species with an enabled badge track is the animal of the month. When users edit pages that are in the category for that animal species(such as Lions), they can earn badges themed around that species.

Below is the Animals of the Month for 2022.

List of Animals and Corresponding Months

Month Animal Image
January Egrets Egretanimal.jpg
February Birds Birdanimal.png
March Lions Adult Male Lion.png
April Snakes Snake-rl.png
May Honey Badgers Honeybadgeranimal.png
June Hyenas Hyena-rl.png
July Girarffes Giraffestanding.png
August Meerkats Meerkatanimal.png
September Hippopotamuses .png
October Mandrills Mandrill.png
November Giraffes Giraffestanding.png
December Hippopotamuses Hippo-animal.jpg

Animal of the Month

Honey Badgers