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"Anga Lenga!"
—Anga's catchphrase

Anga is a teenage female eagle. She is the daughter of Hakuna and Hiyo, the mate of Ono, and the mother of Kuruka, Kuona, and Urefu. She is a member of the Lion Guard.


Anga has purple and white feathers, with black and white underlining. Her eyes are blue. In Legends of the Lion Guard: Battle for the Pride Lands, she gained a Mark of the Guard, which is bright purple and can be found on her left wing, just like Ono.


Anga is shown to be very blunt, and is not easily impressed or amused, which often results in awkward interactions with others. When interacting with those that she cares about, Anga shown to be very affectionate and gentle. She is also very encouraging, especially towards Ono.



Anga was born to Hakuna and Hiyo in the Back Lands. As an infant, her parents taught her about the culture of the Back Lands, and prepared her for her upcoming role of majordormo for the Nyuma Pride. When her training was complete, and after an inspection from Chifu and Wimbo, she was appointed as majordormo, which pleased her parents. During her time as majordormo, she befriended Ganda and Mozari, the sons of the king and queen, Alika, Chifu's bodyguard, and another martial eagle named Bukali. She also became acquainted with Kion and his Lion Guard. Later, Anga decided to permanently move to the Pride Lands, which saddened her parents and the Nyuma Pride, but they accepted it.

Upon her departure, Bukali was appointed the new majordormo of the Back Lands. Upon her move to the Pride Lands, she became an ally of the Lion Guard and a close friend of them. She became especially close to Ono, and began developing feelings for him. After helping to defend the Pride Lands in a major clash, Kion promoted her and gave Anga the Mark of the Guard, thus swearing her in as a member of the Lion Guard. Shortly after that, she and Ono confessed their love for each other and became mates. Anga soon became the mother to Kuruka, Kuona, and Urefu, raising them in the Pride Lands. She later moved to Leopon Plains and joined the Kgosi Pride, along with her mate and children.

Legends of the Lion Guard: Protectors of the Pride Lands

The Pride Land Games

Anga arrives in the Pride Lands as part of the Back Lands delegation, and watches the Pride Land Games.

Team Play

Anga joins the Lion Guard as they search for Busara, saying she was visiting Nita and Makini and wanted to say hello. She and Ono work together to find Busara, and spot him in Embamba Canyon. They are unaware that Duma has overheard, and he reports his discovery to his coalition, who plot to find the antelope before the Lion Guard. Anga and Ono soon use their sight again, finding Busara trapped with Fisi's Clan and Duma's Coalition closing in on him. The birds are assigned to free the baby antelope, and they talk about the easy task. They soon find Busara, and Anga lifts the rock his hoof is trapped under off him. She and Ono then start leading him out the canyon, and the Guard joins them by an acacia tree. Once Busara is reunited with his parents, Anga begins to fly back to the Back Lands.

The New Heroes

Anga joins the Lion Guard as they patrol Mizimu Grove. When Makini reports that Timon and Pumbaa are being attacked at the watering hole by Kiburi's Float, she, Makini, Mhina, and the Lion Guard rush there, only to be stunned by two lions fixing the crisis instead. They introduce themselves as Gina and Tapu. After continuing their patrol, Nyata and Shupavu happen to overhear the Guard complaining, and report this to Reirei and Goigoi. Meanwhile, the Guard has just finished patrolling Lake Matope when Ono suddenly reports Reirei's Pack is attacking Rafiki at Mizimu Grove. Anga, Makini, Mhina, and the Guard head there, finding Gina and Tapu with each other. Gina points to Rafiki, who has already defeated Reirei and Goigoi with his martial arts skills. She and Tapu then apologize for making the Guard feel replaced, which they accept. Kion soon sends the Guard back to the Lair as he stays behind.

Kion and Nguruma's Birthday

Anga attends Kion and Nguruma's birthday celebration. When Makucha's Leap and Kiburi's Float attack, Kion assigns her and Jasiri to stop the leopards.

An Unknown Threat

Anga flies up to the Lion Guard as they patrol Ukuni Woods, requesting to join their patrol, and Kion allows her to. She watches as he drives off Kucha and her hyenas with the Roar of the Elders, and returns to Pride Rock with the Guard to report what happened to the pride. Anga rests in the Lair, but she and the Guard soon learn from Makini that Nguruma and Na'Zyia are being attacked by Kucha at Lake Shangaza. She arrives there to help fend them off, and patrols with the Guard at Mekundu Cliffs. After Kucha's Clan is defeated for the final time, Anga says she should be heading back to the Back Lands, and flies off.

A Fragile Hope

Anga flies up to the Lion Guard as they travel through the Back Lands, asking what they're doing. Kion explains that they're heading to the Tree of Life, mentioning that Jivin is ill, and she joins them. She hangs out with them as Jivin is treated and spends the night at the Tree.

Mhina's Tale

Anga flies up to the Lion Guard and Mhina as they patrol Ndefu Grove, reporting that two jaglions are attacking Jahi, Uma, and Mahuluti at Lake Matope. As the Lion Guard and Mhina depart to handle the situation, Ono invites her to come along. After defeating the jaglions, who are Mhina's renegade idols Sakina and Amun, and reporting to Kion's family, Anga joins the Guard in the Lair. She reports that everything is peaceful in the Back Lands, and agrees with Kion when he reassures Mhina that he'll stop the anti-hybrid sentiment. After defeating Sakina and Amun for the final time, Anga heads home to the Back Lands awkwardly.

A Wonderful Royal Summit

Wildfire Emergency

A Remedy for Impatience

The Young Leader

The Likizo ya Mvua Celebration

The Lost Treasure of the South Lands

Mhina's Mission

Stuck in a Blizzard

The Ultimate Lion Guard Day

An Enjoyable Sleepover

Fuli the Babysitter

The Story of Mbweha and Reirei

A Mother's Day Party!

Legends of the Lion Guard: Battle for the Pride Lands

Anga, Mhina, and Jasiri join the Lion Guard as they patrol Mizimu Grove, and Beshte comments that it's great they're helping. Ono suddenly reports that Janja's Clan is attacking Vuai at Urembo River, and the patrol rushes there, easily defeating the clan. Kion then takes the patrol into Chekundu Cliffs, but not long into it, Ono brings word that Kiburi's Float is attacking Timon and Pumbaa at Lake Matope. The crocodiles are swiftly defeated by Kion, who leads the patrol back into Chekundu Cliffs. They soon finish, but learn Reirei's Pack is attacking Nguruma, Jahi, and Uma at Lake Kiziwa. The patrol rushes there, and the jackals are promptly sent back with the Roar. Everyone returns to Pride Rock, and the Lion Guard, Mhina, Anga, and Jasiri settle in the Lair. Zazu suddenly flies in, reporting that Kiburi's Float is attacking Rafiki at Ukuni Woods. Kion leads the patrol there just in case Rafiki needs them, but they learn that they really don't. Anga says that she must return to the Back Lands, and flies off in the direction of that location.

Later, Anga and Mhina join the Lion Guard in Nyani Grove, reporting that Na'Zyia is being attacked by Fisi's Clan at Maji Baridi Falls. She, the Lion Guard, and Mhina rush there, rescuing her, and Kion blasts the hyenas away with the Roar of the Elders. He then leads everyone to Chakula Plains for another patrol, but Ono suddenly brings news that Uma is being attacked by Mzingo and Mwoga at Mapango Cliffs. Quickly, everyone rushes there, and the vultures are swiftly defeated. Kion leads the Lion Guard, Mhina, and Anga back to the Lair, where Marigold and Nguruma join them. Later, Anga patrols with the Lion Guard in Embamba Canyon, and Mhina soon joins them. When he and Kion exchange a significant glance, Anga glances at Fuli and Beshte. After Kion promises to help Mhina with any emergencies, Anga awkwardly adds that the Back Lands will help as well, and Mhina thanks her.

When Ono reports that Nguruma, Timon, and Pumbaa are being attacked by Reth's Pride at Lake Shangaza, Anga joins the Lion Guard and Mhina as they rush over to stop the pride. She then returns home with the rest of them, and settles in the Lair. Later, Anga, along with Mhina and Jasiri, join the Lion Guard on patrol in Mizimu Grove, and Ono mentions that patrols feel complete with her. She pointedly mentions that they're here to help, softening her expression and joining Ono in the sky. Soon, the egret reports that Varya is being attacked at Mekundu Cliffs, and everyone quickly rescues her. Kion then leads the Guard, Anga, Mhina, and Jasiri to a patrol in Kilio Valley, but before they can get there, Ono reports that Wema is being attacked by Reth's Pride at the watering hole. They head off there, quickly defeating the lions, and everyone sans Jasiri returns to Pride Rock to settle in the Lair. Things are peaceful for a while until Makini runs inside, tears in her eyes. She cries that Kucha's Clan has kidnapped Nguruma, and she doesn't know where he is.

Ono and Anga, using their sight, find Nguruma in the Outlands and report back. Anga, along with Fuli, reassure Makini that it's not her fault Nguruma was taken, and she follows the others to the Outlands, soon reaching the volcano. Anga and Ono find the blind lion trapped around steam vents, and they, the Lion Guard, Mhina, and Makini begin formulating a plan. While Kion heads off to confront Kucha, Anga joins the others as they approach Nguruma, and she is assigned to deal with Kucha's allies along with Bunga and Beshte. They soon return, having dealt with them with ease, but the volcano begins to erupt. Everyone quickly escapes and reunites with Kion at an acacia tree. Anga soon leaves, believing that Chifu will want to see her. Later, she joins the Lion Guard on a patrol in Acacia Grove, along with Mhina and Jasiri, and she brings news that Jivin, Rani, Baliyo, Kenene, and Ullu are at the watering hole. Upon arriving there, Jivin explains that he has come to speak with the Royal Family, and the visitors are escorted back to Pride Rock. Rani and Baliyo join the Lion Guard and their allies on a patrol, heading to Mizimu Grove, unaware that Scar is plotting to keep them distracted.

The patrol in Mizimu Grove is soon finished, but Ono suddenly reports that Maisha is being attacked at Urembo River by Kiburi's Float, and everyone rushes over there to rescue there. When the crocodiles refuse to leave, Kion assigns her, Rani, Jasiri, and Baliyo to deal with Nduli and Tamka, and they all rush forward upon the attack commencing. After Kion calls for them to regroup, the Guard, Mhina, Anga, Jasiri, Rani, and Baliyo get behind him as he roars Kiburi's Float out of the Pride Lands. Once Maisha leaves, Anga flies home, knowing that Chifu and Wimbo will want to see her.

Soon afterwards, Anga joins Kion and the Lion Guard as they patrol Mbali Fields. As Kion worries about Mhina's absence, Anga and Ono tell him that the Kgosi Pride were at the Lake Matope border. When Anga and the Guard arrive, Ajani and Ayo inform Kion that they wished to speak to his parents, and Kion leads the Kgosi Pride to Pride Rock. When they arrive at Pride Rock, Ajani tells Simba that he and Ayo wished to discuss the Outlander attacks, and Simba agrees, adding that his children could patrol with the Lion Guard, which Ajani accepts. The Guard, Anga, Mhina, and Mhina’s siblings head out into the Pride Lands, deciding to patrol Rocky Ridge. Later, after finishing the patrol in Rocky Ridge, Fuli suggests a patrol in Poromoko Crevasse, but Ono and Anga soon inform the others of Vuai needing help fighting Fisi’s Clan at Maji Baridi Falls, with Anga pointing out that he is outnumbered. At Maji Baridi Falls, Anga helps fight off Fisi's Clan, and Kion eventually uses the Roar to send the hyenas away. Once the hyenas are defeated, Anga states that her parents were expecting her home, and heads back to the Back Lands.

Later, as the Lion Guard discuss the possibility of an attack by the Oultanders, Ono reports that Anga and Mhina are coming towards them. When Kion says he can't imagine patrolling without Mhina, Ono says the same about Anga, and Fuli gently responds to his statement. Anga and Mhina join them, and Anga asks if there’d been any attacks yet, Ono soon reports that Kiburi's Float are attacking Nita and Mahuluti at Lake Kiziwa. Upon being reminded of Nita’s fear of crocodiles, the Lion Guard, Anga, and Mhina immediately rush to protect them. When they arrive, Kion assigns Fuli and Beshte to protect Nita, while the others deal with the crocodiles. Once the crocodiles have been defeated, Mahuluti offers to take Nita back to Pride Rock, which Kion agrees to. After they depart, Kion suggests a patrol in Mekundu Cliffs. Later, upon finishing that patrol, Mhina suggests a patrol in Urembo Meadows, but Anga soon informs the others of Janja’s Clan and Reirei’s pack going after Rafiki and Makini at Mapango Cliffs. Despite knowing of Rafiki’s capability to handle the situation on his own, Kion leads the Lion Guard, Anga, and Mhina to Mapango Cliffs to help.

When they arrive, Kion gives out assignments to the others, stating that Fuli, Beshte, Ono, and Anga would deal with the jackals. Eventually, the fight begins, with Anga and Ono taking on Tamka and Nduli. Soon, Janja attempts to run back to the Outlands, and Kion tells Mhina to take charge along with Fuli, while he deals with Janja, eventually calling for a regroup of the Guard, Anga, and Mhina. Once the Guard, Anga, and Mhina had regrouped, Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to send the Outlanders back to the Outlands. Anga listens as Kion tells Rafiki about seeing a lion’s head, made of fire giving orders to Janja. Rafiki spots a marking in the earth, and states that Scar had returned. Upon Rafiki and Makini’s departure, Kion decides to head back to Pride Rock to inform his parents. When they arrive, they lead Simba and Nala into the den, away from the pride, and deliver the news of Scar’s return. Simba decides to send Zazu to inform the other kingdoms of the news.

Legends of the Lion Guard: The Dark Prophecy



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  • Anga is voiced by Bryana Salaz.
  • She is one of Nita's best friends.