Aminifu was a wise old elephant who once lived in Kilio Valley. He is the Father of Ma Tembo.


Aminifu was shown to be a stocky light gray elephant with a few lighter gray spots on his body, and large off-white tusks. A small gray-black tuft is present at the end of his tail.


Not much is known about Aminifu's personality, though he has been mentioned as a wise elephant. His daughter, Ma Tembo, also stated that he always made them laugh. It is also insinuated that Aminifu was greatly respected.


Aminifu was the first animal to help the Pride Lands recover after Scar was dead, and soon all the other animals began to follow them, thus bringing back the Circle of Life to the Pride Lands.


Daughter: Ma Tembo

Granddaughter: Zigo

Grandson: Mtoto

Son-in-law: Zito


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