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Ameba is the daughter of Kesho and Beba.


Ameba's pelt is golden, while her muzzle, paws, and underbelly are paler in color.

She has dark brown markings all over her body. Her eyes are brown.


Ameba is described as kindhearted and friendly.  

She is also very logical and realistic.



  • Ameba is the same age as Denahi and Belee.
  • She’s Belee's non-lion best friend.
  • Ameba is close friends with Kenai and Kia.
  • She is acquainted with Nita.
  • Ameba respects Simba and Nala.
  • She has a good relationship with Kion.
  • Ameba knows about Kion and Fuli’s relationship.
  • She’s a skilled huntress.
  • Ameba is close friends with Denahi.
  • She enjoys spending time with her older sister and cousins.
  • Ameba is friends with Bhati and Leaf.
  • She’s acquainted with Juhudi.