Akili is the daughter of Kiara and Kovu in my (MagicDust337) Fanfic. She has a twin brother named Kubwa (as well as a brother named Tatu), and they constanly fight over who will rule the Pridelands, most think Kubwa, because he is hurt much less easily with strikes than with words. For Akili, it's the exact opposite, if you insult her she just ignores you, where is struck, she cries no matter how hard hit.


Akili is a darker brown, simillar to Kovu. Her eyes are a Cyan-like color and she has a black nose. She has big teeth, which is notable because the always has an open-mouth grin on her face, the bottoms of her paws are darker than the rest of her, also notable, because she has a very confident posture, kicking her legs back like a deer when she walks. She also holds her head up high and almost looks down at others. Most male cubs have an attraction to her, but Kubwa threatens to beat them up when they attempt to say anything about her.


As said above, Akili is very confident, always thinking she is the best. She is mocked by the other female cubs, but Kubwa often sticks up for her against other cubs. The two twins are actually much alike, but they also are very diffrent. For example, the bolth love to see their grandparents, but Akili likes to talk to Nala, her grandmother, more. Kubwa, on the other paw, likes to wrestle and talk with his grandfather, Simba.