Ajabu (The Lion Guard War Without Borders)
Pride Landers
Ajabu is a male okapi.

he is best friend of Mtoto's father ,Beshte


His top half looks like a giraffe, his bottom half looks like zebra, and his face kind of looks like an oryx, but without the horns.

Ajabu is brown, with a well-built body and a long neck. His legs are small and skinny, colored white, with black stripes on his lower thighs and the fur just beneath his shoulders. Above each of his pure black hooves is another stripe, these ones thicker than those located higher up on his legs. His pointy ears are dull peach inside, rimmed with scruffy black fur on one side. He has a white marking covering most of his face, a gray muzzle, and a black nose. He has a V shaped mark on his forehead, also white in color. His skinny tail ends in a small, scruffy black tuft.


Ajabu has been described as shy. He's good at concealing himself from view, and will quickly resort to hiding when he feels threatened. He doesn't willingly engage in violence, though he takes pleasure in seeing Makucha being defeated. Ajabu is polite towards other animals, despite his reserve. He's very gracious and always thanks to those who are kind to him.

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