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Kisasi is a big, scruffy hyena with dark, gray blue fur. Unusual, but the teasing never gets in her way. Her eyes are light blue, and her spots and mane are gray. She has a small sock-like spot on her left front foot. Her muscles are noticeable under that long fur and thick skin. Her teeth are big, along with her jaws.


Even though Kisasi grew up in a clan of evil hyenas, she’s playful and sweet. She respects the circle of life, often bringing scraps to her new clan at the Tree of Life. She will fight aggressively and stand up for what‘s right if anyone doubts it.


Kisasi was born, and then immediately pushed away. The first voices she heard were concealed by darkness and heat. Four, evil, red-eyed, laughing hyenas with scars and spots all over them stood around her. Nothing ever changed. The clan leader, Mabaya, HATED her and often sent her to hunt for them in the Pride Lands. The poor thing was roared away all the time and usually badly wounded. It was time for her to go. She couldn’t stay in the Pride Lands or the Out Lands. She wasn’t allowed in the Pride Lands and her old clan was banned from ever going to the Out Lands. So she traveled to the only place left. The Tree of Life. It took her months to get there but when she did, she was almost roared a stranger. His name was Kondo. He was the son of Kion and Rani and the future king. Then two silhouettes stepped out of the mountain. They were the Night Pride. A cheetah and a lioness. After they all said their hello’s, Kisasi was led into the huge, eerily big tree. She bowed to Kion and Rani and told them her backstory. They nodded. “Kondo!” Rani said. “Take this hyena to Kifo Canyon.“ “Yes, mama!” He said. He led her to a huge grassy field with a canyon cutting through it. “Bora!” Kondo called. A big, female hyena came out of a huge hole in the side of the canyon and ran up to meet them. “New hyena, is there? Hmm.” “Hey! I’m Kisasi!” Kisasi called happily. She never knew that there was a hyena clan at the Tree of Life. “Pass these two tests, then I can let you in. It’s the hyena way. Four hyenas came out of the cave, and stood behind Bora. “This is Mwamba, Giza, Mistari, and Hishima.” Bora said. “Hello.” Each of the hyenas greeted playfully. “This is Kisari. She wants in on the clan.” “Ooooo!” They all said. ”First test! Mwanna, if you please...” She handed Mwamba, a gray hyena with blue eyes, a huge bone, and she ran off into the canyon. “Kisari, you must find this bone to prove you can rescue and see the light in the darkness...” Before she was finished, Mwamba ran back. “AND GO!” Bora yelled. Kisari ran into the darkness, and came out holding a big, juicy bone five minutes later. “Good. You passed, but that was the first out of three.” On a big rock slab, with scratch marks all over it, a hyena called Giza scratched it with one claw. “Now, you must hunt us and the royal family ONE animal to eat. This teaches skills but still teaches respect for the circle of life.” Goes said. And then Kisari ran off quickly. She had become a good hunter on her journey and came back a while later holding a zebra in her mouth. “Good, put it in the cave, Mstari.” And a black hyena ran into the cave with it. Giza scratched the rock a second time, Kisasi was sure she was keeping tally of her points. “Now, final test..You must defeat a volunteer hyena of this clan in a brawl. No killing, if the hyena submits by tapping three times with her paw, you win and stay. If you lose, well, have fun living alone. I’m sorry, but it’s the hyena way.” “I’ll volunteer!” Said a small hyena, dancing a little. He wasn’t a pup, he was just small. “I want to prove myself!” He said. “Fine, it’s whoever volunteers, Hishima.” “Okay...” Kisari said, growling, ready to fight. “THREE....TWO...ONE! GO!” Bora barked, and the small hyena struck first. Hishima bit her neck, putting Kisari in a daze. When she realized she had fallen, she got up immediately and pinned him down. She bit him and he tapped his paw on the ground weakly. “Kisari!” Bora said as Giza put a final claw mark on the rock. “Is a new member of the Kifo Hyenas!” The watching animals cheered. Bora led Kisari into the cave to start a new life.


”You bet! Totally!”

“I’m not weird, just unique!”

“Ugh your such an IDIOT.”

“Let’s play.....TAG!


  • Kisari means revenge, named by her vengeful father who hated the Circle of Life
  • Kisari weighs 89 pounds and she is 2.7 feet tall
  • Kisari is a spotted hyena
  • Kisari lives at the Tree of Life and belongs to the Kifo clan


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