The BraveLands is a pride of lions that are led by Kovu and Kiara. The Pridelands lost many animals and is now led by the hyenas. The hyena's leader is Kona, his daughter, Sabisa, befriends Kovu and Kiara's cubs. Kona is furious on how Sabisa's relationship with Sahara, Kiara and Kovu's daughter. Later on. When Sabisa is now a adult, Kona kills Kovu, and Kiara and Sahara, and along with Kinio, their son, mourns. Kiara takes revenge. A hyena from the Pridelands, now called the Bloodlands, sets fire to the Bravelands, causing a terrible death to Kiara, After the fire burns Kiara to bones, Kinio and Sahara kill the hyenas. They restore the Pridelands, and gather a bunch of animals from the Outlands to live in the pridelands, The Bravelands is restored. And only the bravest animals lay there, But, The Pridelands and the Bravelands, they combind together, And is now called the Stronglands. And the lions live happily forever, and Sabisa stays with them. Being the majordomo.

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