Kinio walked to the watering hole with Sahara, Sahara's mate. Fingu, knows that Sahara is giving birth today. " Kinio. Don't you know that I'm having cubs? " Kinio dropped his jaw. " That means I'm gonna be a lame uncle... " Kinio frowned as he entered the watering hole with his sister. " But I can't wait to see the cubs.. " Sahara giggled. she swam in the water and smiled. Ever since she's went to the watering hole when she was a cub with her cousin, along with Kinio, they were happy. But instead a few months earlier, Her cousin died because she was killed by a hyena. Sahara felt something. " Ouch! " It was time for Sahara to give birth, Kinio had to find a mate before all the boys found their girls. Sahara and Kinio hurried to the Brave Rock, it used to be Pride Rock before Simba and Nala died of old age. Simba was their grandfather. But also, Kion is still alive and well. He is still the leader of the Lion Guard. Now Brave Guard ------------------------ End of Chapter 1!

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